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Should You Get a Hearing Aid?

Long ago, if you had hearing loss, there was not much that could be done – you just had to live with it. Nowadays, however, there is no reason why you should suffer with hearing loss and all of the bad things that come with it. If you think you may need a hearing aid, don’t wait; get help today.

Hearing loss warning signs

It can be difficult to tell if you are losing your hearing, because it can come on gradually. Here are 8 signs it is time to see a doctor about your hearing.

  1. It is difficult to hear conversations, especially when you are in a group.
  2. Your friends and family have noticed that you don’t seem to be hearing very well and/or complain that you always have the television or radio too loud.
  3. It seems like people are always mumbling.
  4. You hate talking on the phone because you can’t understand what people are saying.
  5. When you go to the movies or live theatre you can’t understand any of the dialogue.
  6. When someone is speaking to you but you can’t see their face you don’t understand them.
  7. When having a conversation, speech may sound loud but not very clear.
  8. You find yourself exhausted, irritable, and frustrated at the end of the day because of the extra effort it takes to try to understand what people are saying and to try to keep up with conversations. You may even find yourself not going out as much as you used to, just so you don’t have to try anymore.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about if you are losing your hearing. Hearing aid technology is amazing now – people may not even know you are wearing them, and they can make an incredible difference in your quality of life. Are you ready to find out if you need a hearing aid? The staff at Lakeside Allergy Ear Nose and Throat can help you to hear again, so that you can enjoy life again. Call (972) 771-5443 for an appointment today, at the Rockwall and Forney office.

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