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What are the Benefits of Hearing Aids?

woman getting fitted for a hearing aidDo you feel left out of the conversation? Is it difficult to hear voices at restaurants or other places with a lot of background noise? Does it sound like your loved ones are always mumbling? Do you feel stressed out about attending social functions because you just can’t hear very well? If so, you may benefit from the hearing aid services provided by our experienced audiologists at Lakeside Allergy ENT.

In this blog, the specialists at Lakeside Allergy ENT will explain the benefits of hearing aids.


What Is a Hearing Aid?

A hearing aid is a small electronic device worn in or behind the ear.  It works by amplifying certain sounds so that the user can better listen, talk, and participate in daily activities. A hearing aid can help someone hear better in quiet as well as noisy conditions. They have three basic components:

  • A microphone
  • An amplifier
  • A receiver

A hearing aid receives sounds through the microphone that in turn converts the sound waves into electrical signals. The signal is then sent to the amplifier that increases the strength of the signal and sends it into the ear via a speaker. Several styles and sizes of hearing aids are available, depending on your needs, to reduce visibility and make wearing a hearing aid more comfortable.


How Do Hearing Aids Help?

Hearing aids magnify sound vibrations entering the ear. The kind of hearing aid that will work best for you depends on the cause and severity of your hearing loss. Most of the people who benefit from hearing aids have been diagnosed with hearing loss due to damage to tiny sensory cells in the inner ear. The damage to these hair cells, as they are called, is known as sensorineural hearing loss.

If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss in both ears, you should consider getting fitted with two devices. Two hearing aids will provide a more natural signal to the brain and help you better locate the source of sounds, which greatly helps in understanding speech.


What Are the Benefits of Having Two Hearing Aids?

If you’re diagnosed with hearing loss in both ears, wearing two hearing aids dramatically increases patient satisfaction with the devices. Some of the benefits of wearing two devices include:

  • Better speech comprehension
  • Better understanding of speech in group situations or noisy locations
  • Increased ability to determine sound direction
  • Increased sound quality
  • Smoother quality of tone
  • Wider range of hearing
  • Increased ability to identify sounds

In addition, using two hearing aids allows both ears to remain active, therefore helping to reduce further hearing deterioration in certain cases. Two devices also give the following advantages:

  • Easing the symptoms of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Making hearing more pleasant and less tiring
  • Restoring a feeling of balanced hearing
  • Allowing for greater comfort when loud noises occur
  • Reducing whistling sounds and annoying feedback


Where Can I Get Evaluated for a Hearing Aid in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area?

Everyone who struggles with hearing loss has a unique case. At Lakeside Allergy ENT, our licensed and certified audiologists will take the time to examine your case thoroughly and recommend a hearing aid that will best fit your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Lakeside ENT uses the latest technology to diagnose the kind of hearing loss you are experiencing and the likely causes. We offer a full array of digital hearing aid devices from several manufacturers. Our audiologists have expertise in explaining product quality, options and features, in addition to offering vital monitoring and follow-up appointments you need for successful treatment.

If you or a loved one is living with symptoms of hearing loss or you’d like to get more information about how you could benefit from a hearing aid, call our offices today at 972-771-5443. You can also schedule an online appointment by filling out the form on our home page.

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