The Hearing Center in Rockwall, Forney, & Wylie

The Hearing Center at Lakeside Allergy ENT is home to licensed and experienced audiologists who can perform hearing evaluations, diagnose and treat hearing loss and dispense hearing aids. Patients have access to our advanced audiology services at all three of our Texas practice locations near Dallas – Rockwall, Wylie, and Forney.

What is an audiologist?

An audiologist identifies, assesses, and diagnoses disorders of the hearing and balance system. Audiologists select, fit and dispense amplification systems such as hearing instruments and assistive listening devices, program cochlear implants and provide instruction, rehabilitation, and counseling services to enhance human communication.

Why visit an audiologist?

A master’s degree or doctorate degree is required, along with yearly continuing education, and audiologists must be licensed by the state.

Patient Testimonial

“Dr.Young is amazing at what he does. I appreciated his approach to my situation, and the fact that surgery wasn’t his first answer. Fast forward after every attempt to fix me without, we did surgery. I’m blown away with how fast I recovered, and the minimal pain I felt. I would do it all over again if I had to, would give Dr.Young a 10/10 as well!”

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