Do you suffer with stuffy ears? - Blog Post

Do you suffer with stuffy ears?

Do your ears often feel clogged up? It can start out as annoying, but can be painful in some cases. It can also make you wonder if there is some serious reason for it and if it is time to see your doctor. Here are some possible reasons why your ears may be stuffy. Why do […]

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Is it a sinus headache or a migraine? - Blog Post

Is it a sinus headache or a migraine?

If you suffer with bad headaches, you might not care what kind of headaches they are or what causes them – but, of course, you and your doctor have to determine what is causing your headaches so that they can be treated effectively. Sinus headaches and migraines, for example, can have similar symptoms but have very different […]

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Home Remedies for Snoring - Blog Post

Home Remedies for Snoring

Are you snoring so loud that you keep everyone in the house awake? There may be different reasons for your snoring, and it is really something that you shouldn’t just ignore. Here are a few tips you can try at home so that you can stop snoring! How can I stop snoring? Read on for some […]

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What is a tonsillectomy? - Blog Post

What is a tonsillectomy?

You may have heard stories – from the older generation – of children having their tonsils removed at any sign of sickness (or even if they didn’t seem so sick). Nowadays doctors are a bit more hesitant to remove the tonsils than they used to be, but it is still an operation that can help provide relief […]

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Sneaky Signs of Sleep Apnea - Blog Post

Sneaky Signs of Sleep Apnea

After weeks of feeling tired all the time, you may be wondering if you have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea. Some of the commonly known symptoms of sleep apnea, besides being tired every day even when you think you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep the night before, include snoring and morning headaches. However, […]

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The Early Signs of Hearing Loss - Blog Post

The Early Signs of Hearing Loss

It can be difficult to tell if you are having hearing problems – often changes in hearing are gradual, and you may not even realize there is a difference in your hearing until someone brings it up. Read on for more information about the early signs of hearing loss and signs that it may be time […]

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The Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty - Blog Post

The Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty

Clogged sinuses can make you miserable – it can be difficult to do just about anything, from concentrating at work to having fun at your favorite hobby to exercising and even sleeping. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help you to breathe free again. Balloon sinuplasty is one such treatment – read on for more information […]

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What is sinusitis? - Blog Post

What is sinusitis?

The sinuses may be little hollow spaces in your head, but they can really cause a lot of trouble. The tissue in the sinuses can become swollen or inflamed, also known as a sinus infection or sinusitis. Read on for more information about this often painful condition. What causes sinusitis? Healthy sinuses make mucus to keep […]

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Myths About Hearing Aids - Blog Post

Myths About Hearing Aids

If you are having trouble hearing, you may be reluctant to do anything about it because hearing aids have such negative connotations. However, there are many very good reasons why you should see a doctor right away if you have noticed hearing loss. How hearing loss can affect you For years, doctors have known about the […]

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Having trouble sleeping? It may be because you smoke - Blog Post

Having trouble sleeping? It may be because you smoke

You have no doubt been hearing for years that you should stop smoking – from everyone, including relatives, friends, and, of course, doctors. And you probably agree that it would be better if you did quit, but you just haven’t had the right inspiration. The final straw may just be finding out that smoking interferes […]

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