We no longer accept Medicare Advantage or Medicare Replacement plans. We DO accept Traditional Medicare with a secondary/supplement.


1320 Summer Lee Drive
Rockwall, TX 75032


Welcome to the Rockwall office of Lakeside Allergy ENT! Our board-certified ear, nose, and throat doctors, allergy specialists, and audiologists offer a wide range of services to treat your allergy and ENT conditions. We emphasize the latest in non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments, but also offer advanced surgical procedures when necessary. For allergy testing, Balloon Sinuplasty, sinus implants, hearing aids, and more, visit our Rockwall, TX office.

Rockwall, TX office location of Lakeside Allergy ENT
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm
1:00pm - 5:00pm
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Inclement Weather


Office is closed 01/16/2024 due to inclement weather. Will reopen for normal business hours tomorrow 01/17/2024. Please call our office at 972-771-5443 to confirm our availability. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and look forward to further assisting you.