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Is It My Allergies or Coronavirus?

It’s that time of year – sneezing, sore throat, cough, itchy eyes, runny nose, and more. It’s allergy season. But as the litany of symptoms for COVID-19 expands, it is easy to believe that every time you cough, it is something worse. And being out in public with allergy symptoms can earn you the ire of anyone who is worried they might become ill. How can you tell if it’s allergies or coronavirus? There are differentiators that can ease your mind.

Similar Symptoms to Past Years

Most allergies cause histamines – your body’s natural defense against allergies. Histamines are what cause your eyes and throat to itch, your nose to run, and more. If the telltale signs of allergy season are something you are very familiar with and the symptoms are the same ones you’ve had throughout your life, you’re probably just dealing with allergies. Even if you don’t have allergies and have these symptoms, it’s more likely a cold than COVID-19. Allergy symptoms can include sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, itchy nose, throat, or ears, runny or stuffy nose, and postnasal drainage. Symptoms can usually be alleviated with an antihistamine.

No Fever

If you have symptoms like a cough and sore throat but no fever, it is most likely your allergies and not coronavirus. It is important to note that some people contract COVID-19 without developing any symptoms and some people get mild enough symptoms that they don’t develop a fever, so if you believe you’ve been exposed or believe you have COVID-19, talk to your physician about being tested. Access to testing has improved significantly. If you are asymptomatic for coronavirus but have allergies, you can spread the virus with every sneeze and cough. Wearing a mask can help to minimize the spread.

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