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Do You Have a Treatable Hearing Loss?

There are many reasons a person loses hearing. For some, it’s age-related. For others, it can be hereditary. Most people experience some hearing loss over time. Exposure to loud noises, either from your occupation or from going to concerts without the right hearing protection, can also lead to hearing loss. Most hearing losses are treatable.

How Do I Know If I Have a Hearing Loss?

There are many symptoms of hearing loss that, once you realize you’re experiencing, you’ll be surprised you didn’t notice before now. For example, do you often request that people repeat what they said to you because you either didn’t hear it clearly or you weren’t looking at them when they said it? Do you struggle much more now that more people are wearing masks that cover their mouths? Do your family members complain to you that you keep the TV too loud? These are all signs that you have a hearing lose. You may also struggle to hear what people say when you’re talking on the phone. Feelings of isolation and embarrassment are common.

Will a Hearing Aid Help?

Hearing aids amplify sound, so while they don’t correct your hearing the way eyeglasses correct your eyesight, they do make it easier for you to hear the sounds in the range that voices are in so that you can hear people talk more clearly. Lakeside Allergy ENT offers fully digital hearing aids. Our audiologists thoroughly evaluate and recommend hearing aids based on the patient’s hearing test, lifestyle, and hearing needs. In addition to amplifying sound, some hearing aids will also help with noise reduction or have directional microphones and environmental noise control so that you can hear more clearly against background noises.

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