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You Don’t Have to Suffer With Pet Allergies

girl sneezing and holding paper napkin with a dog beside herIf you love your pets more than your kids, you may be able to overlook being allergic to them. However, it would still be nice to find some ways to deal with your allergies so that you can truly enjoy spending time with them. Here are a few tips for dealing with pet allergies!

Ease the suffering

1. Make the bedroom a no-pet zone. Your dog or cat may be the perfect snuggle companion on a cold night, but if they aren’t allowed in your bedroom you’ll have at least one place in the house that will be free from pet dander. Make sure that you clean your room after you have banished your pet, to make sure there’s no lingering dander to bother you.

2. Wash your dog. Giving your dog a bath once or twice a week is a good way to help control your allergies, but to most people this probably isn’t feasible. If this just isn’t going to happen, try to brush them (outside) a few times a week.

3. If you can’t wash the dog often, wash yourself. It can help prevent an allergic reaction if you wash your face and hands thoroughly after petting your dog or cat.

4. Make sure it is the pet you are allergic to. It is possible that you may be allergic to dust, pollen, or something else in your house and so staying away from your dog or cat or bathing them won’t do any good, anyway. Clean your house often to get rid of dust and pollen. Changing your linens can help, too. Vacuum often, as allergens collect in carpet very easily. An air filter that catches allergens may also help.

If these tips don’t help to relieve your allergies, take heart – it may not even be your beloved Fluffy that you are allergic to. Lakeside Allergy ENT can perform allergy testing to determine what, exactly, you are allergic to so that a treatment plan can be created and you can finally find relief. Contact Lakeside Allergy ENT in Rockwall and Forney for an appointment. Call (972) 771-5443 today!

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