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Having trouble sleeping? It may be because you smoke

Women smokingYou have no doubt been hearing for years that you should stop smoking – from everyone, including relatives, friends, and, of course, doctors. And you probably agree that it would be better if you did quit, but you just haven’t had the right inspiration. The final straw may just be finding out that smoking interferes with your sleep and can cause serious sleep issues. If you smoke and have been having trouble sleeping lately, the two might be related.

5+ things you should know about smoking and sleep problems

1. Most people smoke because they find nicotine relaxing, and it reduces anxiety. You may think this means smoking will help you to sleep, but actually it doesn’t. Nicotine is a stimulant, which can keep waking you up throughout the night, make it hard to sleep, and can keep you from falling into a deep, satisfying sleep. This can cause mood swings, problems concentrating, and irritability.

2. Some smokers may have trouble sleeping because the craving for a cigarette is so strong it wakes them up at night.

3. The chemicals in cigarettes can damage the lungs, decrease the amount of oxygen in the body, and enlarge the soft tissues in the nose and throat. This can make it difficult to breathe properly, especially while sleeping. This can cause snoring and also sleep apnea – a serious problem where the patient stops breathing repeatedly during sleep.

4. Smoking can cause sleeping problems for those you live with, too. Children are especially vulnerable to respiratory and sleep problems if they live with someone who smokes.

5. You won’t see improvements in your sleep right away when you stop smoking – in fact, you may have even more trouble sleeping for a while. But hang in there! Your sleep will slowly, eventually start to improve.

You have probably heard the many reasons why you should stop smoking, but losing out on precious sleep may just convince you that it is really time to quit! If you just can’t get a good night’s sleep, call Lakeside Allergy ENT in Rockwall and Forney for an appointment. Call today at (972) 771-5443!

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