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What Could Be Causing Your Allergies Each December?

sick girl having influenza symptoms at homeYour allergies seem to come on strong every December, and then they mysteriously get better in January. It is annoying and can make the holiday season torture, but what could you be allergic to when there is very little pollen floating around in the winter?

What is causing those holiday allergies?

Have you considered that you might be allergic to your Christmas tree? It is kind of a sad thought, but it is a possibility. Having live greens can raise the mold levels in your home dramatically. Even investing in a fake tree may not help much – an improperly stored fake Christmas tree can collect dust and even mold, which can trigger some serious allergy symptoms.

Do you have to go without a tree altogether?

Of course, the obvious solution is to not bring a Christmas tree – fake or real – into your home. But this seems a bit extreme, not very festive, and no fun! There are some things you can try so that you can keep that tradition of a Christmas tree without having to endure the sneezes and sniffles. Try these tips:

 Shake the debris from the tree. Before you bring it in the house, give your tree a good shake to get rid of any dust or debris.

 Rinse your tree. If you're concerned that shaking your tree isn't enough, use a hose to spray off your tree, then leave it outside to dry for a couple of days.

 Don’t keep your tree for too long. Try to limit your tree’s time in the house to fewer than 7 days.

 Store your tree properly after Christmas. When it’s time to pack up your artificial tree, put it in a waterproof container to protect it from dust and mold to prevent allergies next Christmas.

Are you wondering if you might be allergic to your Christmas tree? Or maybe you just aren’t sure what exactly is causing you problems? Lakeside Allergy ENT can help you to figure out what you are allergic to, and, more importantly, can determine what you should do about it! Contact Lakeside Allergy ENT at the Rockwall and Forney office. Call (972) 771-5443 today!

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