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How To Know If You Are Facing Hearing Loss

Have you been finding yourself raising the volume while listening to music, asking your friends, ‘What did they say?’ during the movies, or being stressed that you are missing things during a conversation, you may wonder if your hearing is getting worse. Hearing loss is common with age; however, a recent study found that over one billion people are at risk of early hearing loss attributed to unsafe listening volumes.

Volume-related hearing loss has no known cure or treatment, making it important that you recognize the signs to know if you have hearing loss and follow these steps to mitigate further damage.

Signs of Hearing Loss

While they may differ between individuals, common signs of hearing loss may include:

  • Trouble discerning words, especially when other noise is present
  • Needing people to repeat themselves
  • Difficulty with high-pitched voices and sounds
  • Ringing in ears
  • Loss has been gradual

While there are long-term forms of hearing loss, usually attributed to aging or noise, there are acute forms of hearing loss as well.

Non-Permanent Hearing Loss

A variety of reasons can cause temporary hearing loss. Knowing the difference between long-term and acute hearing loss can help you get treatment.

Ear infections can cause feelings of pressure within the ear due to inflammation and physically block sound from entering the ear. Typically, ear infections affect one ear, and hearing loss associated with ear infections affects just that one ear. Once the ear infection is treated, you can expect your hearing to return.

A buildup of earwax can cause similar losses in hearing. Also, usually affecting one ear, earwax can cause your ear to feel blocked, and once the buildup is addressed, your hearing returns to normal.

What You Can Do For Hearing Loss with Lakeside Allergy ENT

Hearing loss can have a variety of causes. Knowing if you have long-term hearing loss can help you implement lifestyle changes, such as wearing earplugs in noisy public areas and over-the-ear headphones rather than in-ear to preserve your hearing.

At Lakeside Allergy ENT, we provide extensive, exhaustive hearing evaluations that can include up to five different types of tests.

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